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The surroundings of the Smrekovica Lodge directly encourage hiking. Countless peaks await lovers of mountain tourism in the vicinity (Smrekovica, Skalná Alpa, Tanečnica, Rakytov, Šiprň, ...). Nature lovers can visit the surrounding national nature reserves (Skalná Alpa, Rumbáre, Kondračka, Janošíkova kolkáreň) as well as other natural attractions and monuments (Matějovský stone stream, Hraděné lake Blatná, Brankovský waterfall).


The cycle tracks in and around Velká Fatra are a challenge for every biker. The legendary cycling hill leads directly from the village of Podsuchá to the Smrekovica Lodge - perhaps the most iconic climb in Slovakia (more than 8 km with an average gradient of over 9% :). If, on the other hand, you prefer riding downhill, the Malino Brdo Bike Park awaits you about an hour's drive along the cycle path. Of course, we have a charging station for electric bikes.


The fauna and flora of the Velká Fatra National Park are famous for their diversity. In addition to the typical Carpathian mountain species, thermophilic communities also thrive here. We can also find several rare, endangered, nationally or European important species here. In addition to many kinds of birds (eagle, falcon, kingfisher, grouse,...) you can also come across tracks of animals (wolf, bear, lynx). The hills here offer endless views not only of Velká Fatra but also of the peaks of the surrounding mountains (Vysoké Tatry and Nízké Tatry, Malá Fatra).


Excursions to the surroundings / possibility of swimming

Vlkolínec - foothill settlement, UNESCO monument (6 km), Dve veže - Via Ferrata (10 km), Malino Brdo - Ski / Bike park (11 km), Brankovský waterfall – the third highest waterfall in Slovakia (10 km), Lake Blatná – was created by damming the stream after a massive rock slide (4.5 km), Matějkovský kamenný prúd - ojedinělé suťovisko připomínajícího tekoucí kamennou řeku (4 km), You can swim in the thermal swimming pool Bešeňová (19 km) or in Aquapark TATRALANDIA (27 km)


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We have our own ski slope with a 400 m long lift. If you want a change, you can visit the Malino Brdo ski resort, one of the best ski areas in Slovakia. Right next to the lodge, we also maintain cross-country trails for skating and classic style enthusiasts. Maintained cross-country trails leading from the lodge to the Malino Brdo ski resort in Ružomberok.


Velká Fatra is a true paradise for all ski-touring fans. The Smrekovica mountain lodge is an ideal starting point for crossing the Velké Fatra ridge or, conversely, it's last stop. In the vicinity of Smrekovica, it is possible to overcome routes of all degrees of difficulty. Lovers of steep ascents, relaxed ski touring trips, and free-riders who enjoy skiing down virgin slopes in the powder will find their own.


Crossings of the winter Velká Fatra are a concept among all adventurers who admires the magic of the snow-covered mountains. If you want to taste the beauty of the deserted snow plains, we will be happy to lend you high-quality snowshoes in our lodge, with which you can overcome the snow-covered ridges and taste true and unadulterated romance. If you are one of the fools who love winter transitions, you are welcome to join us!


SKI ALPE COURSES – would you like to try ski alpine or do you want to improve your technique and knowledge? We are happy to provide a quality course for you.

AVALANCHE COURSES – if you are serious about moving to the winter mountains, we recommend taking an avalanche course. We will be happy to arrange it for you.

ICE CLIMBING – do you want to master the technique of climbing on an ice wall? We will recommend you an experienced instructor.

RENTAL SHOP – do you need to rent winter equipment (cross-country skis, skis, alpine skis, snowshoes, ice climbing)? Write us your request in the accommodation order, we will arrange it for you 🙂